Modern VS Contemporary | The Difference

We use the terms Modern and Contemporary furniture all the time. In the end we ask ourselves, are we using them correctly? Do we really know exactly what it means? The confusion comes in because contemporary style could have modern influence.

Modern refers to mid-century modern design. The style is known by its clean unadorned interiors. It uses natural materials such as wood, leather, teak, and linen. Plywood, plastic, and polished metal are popular material that can be found in many models. Most of the walls tend to be white  or plain colored, which expands the feeling of the room. Hints of colors are often used in moderation.

Cad MH2999 e Escr MH2864Console 2876 TV STAND 2880 & Panel 2881986

Contemporary is defined as “existing, occurring, or living at the same time; belonging to the same time”. In interior design, contemporary is refers to what is popular and used in current times. It changes every era and it adapts to what is popular right now. Contemporary style currently includes large windows, unique or odd shapes, clean lines, open plans and spaces. The key values for contemporary design are comfort and sustainability.

Herval389 (410) MH 4114 (Aprovar) c
Sofa, ottoman 4117 table 2862 chair 3202 console 2873 Table 2883 Chair 2999 Buffet 2872


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